HE New Students Information 2020

Important information: arrangements for the ongoing covid-19 situation

We are planning for all our courses to start in September and the health, safety and wellbeing of students, staff and visitors will continue to underpin the decisions we make. However, we know how important it is that you have normal on-campus face to face delivery and we are planning to provide this as much as possible from September following any ongoing social distancing guidelines and health and safety measures.

Our rural location, large, open space campus and generally smaller class sizes than many Universities, means that we are ideally placed to provide on-campus delivery as much as possible. We have put a series of common FAQs on our website, which will hopefully reassure you about our plans from September: https://www.ucmyerscough.ac.uk/students/coronavirus-information/

We are aiming to keep students in subject ‘bubbles’ for on-campus delivery, together with limiting the classrooms and restaurants that each bubble will use in order to support your safety. If social distancing guidelines continue, some large group lectures or modules may include online sessions delivered through our virtual learning environment (Canvas and Teams) until those social distancing restrictions are lifted, but we hope to keep these to a minimum. Where possible, these will be supported by face to face small group seminars or workshops. We will let you know when we have further details on any specific arrangements.

Clearly this is a changing picture and we will follow the latest Government guidance. We need to work together in order to meet these expectations and keep each other safe. In order to support this, we are giving early notice of some of the arrangements and preparations that you need to make for September:

  • To support the maintenance of the curriculum bubbles, staggered breaks and lunches and timetabled restaurant sessions will be detailed on your timetables when they are published.
  • Whilst we will designate restaurants and eateries, space will also be provided if you prefer to bring a packed lunch and refreshments.
  • Those of you who have already got your own devices (laptops etc.) will be encouraged to bring them in to use on-campus to help reduce the demand for computers in the drop-in study areas. However, please do not worry if you do not want to, as the computers in the drop-in study areas will still be available and this equipment will be cleaned regularly.
  • You must have a face mask in order to travel on public transport and for use in College.
  • All students will be given a washable mask by the College and spare masks will be available for purchase from outlets.
  • Sanitisation stations will be in all curriculum buildings and cross college areas including the bus stops. However, we also recommend that you also bring your own personal hand sanitiser.
  • We will be moving to cashless payments so if you have not already, we recommend that you set up a bank account in order to have access to a debit card. If you need help setting up a bank account, please contact us at helpwithmybankaccount@myerscough.ac.uk.
  • There will be a covid-19 induction information pack provided at the start of term.


Buses will be running as normal and the shuttle service will still be provided for the Stagecoach services dropping off on the A6.

Car parking will be available as normal. If you are going to be dropped off and collected from College by car, we ask that this is done as safely and efficiently as possible and that drivers do not stay or wait on site.

Start date and Accommodation Arrivals

Your first day at University Centre Myerscough is expected to be 07 September 2020 (for new starters) or 14 September (for top-up learners or applicants starting in year 2 or 3). More information will be sent to you directly once final plans have been made.

If you are staying on campus, you will be contacted directly with an allocated time to arrive on either the Saturday or Sunday prior to the course starting.

Contact us

The HE Admissions Team are contactable via the following methods:

Telephone: 01995 642227 (please note that we will do our best to answer your call, but you may experience delays as we are working remotely).

Email: he@myerscough.ac.uk

Live Chat via our website – Monday -Friday normal business hours.