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Studying with us FAQs

Coronavirus FAQs

Here at University Centre Myerscough, we are determined to provide the best experience for you during these extraordinary circumstances. We are thinking about some of the questions that you may have and we’ve tried to answer these below. We will let you know any changes via updates to these FAQs, or by direct communication (email or letter).

We will let you know any changes via updates to these FAQs, or by direct communication (email or letter). 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any changes to the content of the course? 

No, there are no anticipated changes to the content of the course. However, depending on Government restrictions, changes may be required to some activities (for example, trips and visits may need to be done differently or on an alternative date). We will let you know if there are any changes to specific activities.

Do I have a choice on how I study?

If you have medical, health or other specific requirements for your studies you will need to get in touch with our Student Support and Inclusive Learning teams who can work with you on a study plan.

Are there any changes to the length of the course?

No, there are no anticipated changes to the length of the course. If the pandemic does continue to impact on any specific aspects that may affect the length of the course (for example, arrangements for placements), we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Are there any changes to how the course will be delivered? 

We know how important it is that you have normal on-campus face to face delivery and we are planning to maintain this as much as possible following any ongoing social distancing guidelines and health and safety measures.

While social distancing requirements are in place, some large group lectures or modules may include online sessions delivered through our virtual learning environment (Canvas and Teams) until those social distancing restrictions are lifted. Where possible, these will be supported by face to face small group seminars or workshops.

Where possible, all our normal support services and learning resources, such as our Library and HE Centre, will also be provided as normal following the same social distancing guidelines and safety measures.

Are those plans likely to change?

We hope we can continue to deliver in this way for the remainder of the academic year, or possibly with even more on-campus delivery if Government restrictions are lifted.

However, we may also have to change our delivery plans if the Government guidance introduces further restrictions, or if we see a significant increase in Covid-19 cases in a particular subject area.  Where possible, we will continue to prioritise the continuation of face-to-face provision, particularly for practical and lab-based learning. However, an increased level of online learning may be required in some areas. We will inform you directly where this is the case.

Students will be required to follow Government guidance published as part of any additional restrictions applied locally, including where this says that residential students should remain in their term-time accommodation and not return their family home or other accommodation to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus through travel.

In these circumstances, we will communicate directly with students on what the guidance means for them and we will support students to do so by keeping services for students open.


Will there be changes to the way my course is assessed due to the pandemic?  

We are intending that all assessments will continue as normal. However, if restrictions remain in place due to the pandemic, changes may be required to some types of assessments (for example, written exams or group work). We will let you know if there are any changes to assessments at the earliest opportunity. 

What support is available to me?

All our student support services are available on-campus following social distancing and health and safety measures. Some services may be by appointment only and remote meetings may be required in some cases to maintain social distancing.

If you have any questions, or you are concerned about your own, or the health and wellbeing of your friends, please feel free to talk to the Core Team of Student Support and Welfare Officers and Counsellors. If you are a residential student, you can also access the support of our Residential Support Team. Below is a list of key emails / phone numbers for support, should you need them: 

Will my award change because of the pandemic? 

No, your award will remain as advertised.  

Will the pandemic change the location of where teaching may be delivered? 

No, on-campus teaching will continue at University Centre Myerscough (Bilsborrow, Preston centre) as normal. A small number of modules are delivered at our partner UCLan in Preston and these will continue as advertised on the relevant course factsheet.

Are there any changes to the cost of the course? 

Tuition fee payments and costs remain the same and tuition fee loans remain available as normal. Please make sure you continue to make arrangements to pay your fees as you would normally. Any additional costs for your course are detailed on the relevant course factsheet. We will let you know what you need to do if there are any changes.

What financial support is available for me? 

We know that many of you will have been affected financially by the pandemic and we have a wide range of bursaries and scholarships available to support you in your studies. All our standard scholarships and bursaries continue to be offered and you can find out about these on the Fees and Finance page on our website. 

What Covid-19 safety measures will University Centre Myerscough put in place?

We have a detailed risk assessment to ensure our students and staff are protected. The main arrangements are around social distancing, hand sanitisation and cleaning regimes. All students are provided with face coverings which they are expected to wear on campus at all times and while travelling to campus on public transport. Further details of our Covid-19 safety measures will be provided through tutorials, signage and regular information updates.

What happens if there is an outbreak at University centre Myerscough?

If someone tests positive in a curriculum group or residency accommodation household, we will assess the impact on others in the group and let them know if an isolation period is required. In the event of isolation being required, we will continue to provide access to lectures, learning materials and assessments through remote delivery to minimize disruption to your studies.

Further support and guidance

If you have any further concerns, please raise these in the first instance with your tutors, Head of Area or Residential Support Team. If you feel your concerns have not been adequately addressed there is a formal complaint process you can use by emailing  


Information for Enquirers/Applicants

Can I apply to start next September?

Applications are open for September as normal. Please see the relevant course factsheet on our website for details of how to apply.

Will the delay in publication of A-levels have any impact on my application or offer?

The delay in publication of A-level exams results shouldn’t affect the offer we make you. We will still make you a conditional offer which we will be able to confirm as soon as A-level results are available.

Can I transfer to University Centre Myerscough from another higher education course?

Yes, but first we will need to check what you have studied already and which course you are interested in at University Centre Myerscough. Please contact or Admissions Team in the first instance (

I am an international student? How does this affect me?

Our admissions team will be liaising with you prior to the start of the academic year to confirm the arrangements for your offer and for starting the course. You should continue to supply your documents and make arrangements for your deposit as usual. The advice from the UK Government on visas and travel arrangements is being regularly updated so please keep an eye on the UK Government website.

Can I still book my accommodation?

Yes, bookings for our residential accommodation will be open as usual. Everyone who has accepted their offer will receive details from us letting you know how to book your Myerscough residential accommodation. Further details will also be available on our website.

What will welcome week be like?

We can’t wait to welcome our new students in September and we are planning a range of welcome week activities for you to get to know your surroundings and make friends in the early days of starting your course.

We are also planning some pre-arrival activities over the summer which are going to be a great way to get you started even before the course starts. We will be in touch with more information prior to the start of your course.

What if I want to defer?

We would encourage you to start your courses as planned. The wider impacts of the global pandemic are not yet known so it is still a good time to get started with your studies.

How will this pandemic affect future job opportunities?

We are facing a global pandemic so we do not yet know how job prospects will be affected in the UK or around the world. We believe that the more experience, skills and knowledge graduates have the more employable they will be when the pandemic is over.