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Golf, Undergraduate

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Myerscough golfers-2820.jpg
Myerscough golfers-2820.jpg

Golf Studies at Myerscough College

Studying golf unlocks the door to a rewarding and exciting career in a sport that spans the globe and is played by more than 60 million people worldwide. Golf is now a profession with a recognised career structure and fantastic employment opportunities both in the UK and overseas. Many of our past students are enjoying great success in all areas of this expanding industry, from professional players and coaches to education, events management and sales and marketing.

If you are serious about the golf business then there is no better place to study than at Myerscough College’s International Institute for Golf Education, in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire.

Chris Hanson.jpg
Chris Hanson.jpg

Our learners – Chris Hanson

Meet Myerscough College alumnus Chris Hanson, who went from Myerscough student to professional golfer and a place on the European Tour leaderboard.

Meet Chris Hanson