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Arbor Day is almost upon us!

Thursday 14 Jan 2021

(Updated February 4th) Today (February 4th) is Myerscough College’s second annual Arbor Day UK!


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Register at & then log in and browse the Live Webinars and engage in online conversation with industry professionals. It'll be a great day! 

Myerscough College will stage another special day of celebration, planting and careers advice on 4th February 2021, and like the inaugural event, will be a celebration of trees, those that work with trees (arborists), and recognition of an important global industry. It will be an online event due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic restrictions, but there is still plenty of activities planned as part of the day.

The virtual event will allow anyone joining the day to hear from some key names in the industry, including Tony Kirkham MBE, Jon Hammerton, Ben Jones, Neil Lucas and other celebrated arboricultural and horticultural experts, who will give talks on a diverse subject with interesting facts and advice. The day will be hosted by Dr Duncan Slater and Marco Bartolini with a live link to the Institute of Chartered Foresters during their conference on Trees, People and the Built Environment 4.

As part of the plans, many more trees are being planted, a new woodland area is being created on the campus, and Myerscough’s greenspace staff and students are engaging in initiatives with local communities. In recent months, work has continued at Myerscough’s main woodland planting site at the College’s Bilsborrow campus, planting trees in the 'Rainbow Triangle' - a new woodland being created in memoriam for those that have lost their lives in the Coronavirus pandemic - and as a 'thank you' for NHS and other key workers who are working at the front line.

Senior Lecturer in Arboriculture, and Arbor Day Co-Ordinator Duncan Slater, says: ‘’Despite all the disruption this year, we are doing all we can to make our Arbor Day at Myerscough College a bigger and more exciting event - albeit that it will have to be a digital event this year.

‘’We are raising money in aid of Mersey Forest Foundation and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us. Our charitable activities act to enhance and improve, maintain and protect our environment and landscape within the north west, for the benefit of everyone.

‘’We are still seeking sponsors, donors, attendees, speakers and companies to meet and talk to our students - at whatever level they are at. Get in touch if you'd like to support or get involved with our Arbor Day efforts.

‘’The event is also celebrating the NHS this year for their unwavering efforts to support the public of the UK through this global pandemic. In addition, we are inviting people to commemorate a memory from 2020 by planting a tree. The memory could be either happy or sad but it is way of remembering. Furthermore, if you wanted to say thank you to the NHS or anyone else in your life, then planting a tree is a great way to do this.’’

If you want to help us plant more trees, please consider a small donation BY CLICKING THIS LINK

In addition, we have a number of commercial ‘digital stands’ still available to any arboricultural companies interested in attending the day. Do please remember that this is a free event - and anyone with a digital stand can attend the talks while still manning their stand. We encourage you to come and interact with our many arboriculture students.

Please email us at for more details.

Thank you to all of our sponsors who have helped us to stage this event. They include: 

by Dave Salmon