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Myerscough celebrates another fantastic year of success

Wednesday 13 Dec 2023

It’s been another fantastic year of success at Myerscough College, from individual student achievements through to national awards.

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Our annual end of year celebratory ‘My Success’ brochure identifies a number of both collective and individual staff and student success stories and achievements.


Chief Executive and Principal of Myerscough College and University Centre, Wes Johnson, says: ‘’Since my appointment to the role of Chief Executive and Principal in September 2023, I have seen the enormous amount of incredible work our Myerscough team, both staff and students, do every day. Their teamwork, care, resilience and dedication is outstanding.

‘’Thank you to every one of you for supporting each other, and our wider Myerscough community.

‘’We continue to enjoy enormous success at Myerscough College and University Centre, from individual student achievements to wide-ranging national awards.

‘’We also celebrated higher education students graduating at degree level, and learners completing their further education and foundation learning courses, with, once again, excellent achievement levels attained as well as personal recognition for a number of exceptional students.

‘’Students have worked towards this for a long time and the results this year reflect the commitment and hard work of the students and staff of Myerscough College.

‘’Our students and staff are at the heart of our College and University Centre and being at Myerscough is more than just a job or a qualification. We believe in providing a supportive, enriching, ambitious and nurturing environment so that everyone can be the best that they can be. The many industries that we serve continue to report significant skills shortages and opportunities to forge a variety of interesting and exciting careers.

‘’Myerscough offers not just high quality academic, vocational and professional education but the opportunity to change lives through a holistic experience of course enrichment, study trips and visits, high quality work experience, community work and charity fundraising.

‘’This broad ranging experience builds confidence, resilience, communication skills and life skills, which enables our students to progress into their chosen careers – demonstrated by our 97% positive destinations by our further education students and 98% of our degree students progressing into education, training or employment within six months of graduation.

‘’We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive College and always strive to embed of the principles of FREDIE – fairness, respect, equality, diversity, inclusion and engagement – into all we do.

‘’Many of the industries we support are reporting significant skills shortages and opportunities are available to forge an exciting and interesting career based on their studies at Myerscough. On behalf of all the Governors and staff of Myerscough College, congratulations to every student on their success, and we wish them good luck on the next stage in life. We look forward to what they will achieve in the future.

‘’We also look forward to welcoming our next cohort of students, as we deliver the sector-leading education both they and their future employers demand, sending on their way to their dream careers in the land-based, sport, science and engineering industries.

‘’This celebratory brochure identifies a number of both collective and individual staff and student success stories, and we hope that you enjoy reading it.’’