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Myerscough College is Taking Teaching Further with new recruitment

Tuesday 17 Sep 2019

Myerscough College has secured funding to support the development of a number of industry experts who have joined the college in further education teaching roles.

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The £5million government-funded Taking Teaching Further programme is an initiative which aims to help recruit over 150 industry experts into teaching roles at colleges and providers across England. As part of this, Myerscough is funding two arboriculture and two veterinary nursing tutors to complete their teaching qualification.

Taking Teaching Further was launched by the Department for Education in June 2018. Delivered by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) on behalf of the Department for Education, Strand 1 of the programme is funding the chosen providers, including Myerscough College, to recruit industry experts to teach in a number of key areas.

The Myerscough staff going through the programme will be fully funded to undertake a Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training (DET), over two years. This will be classroom-based with practical support given to the new teachers that include team teaching and work shadowing arrangements.

The recruitment forms part of the Government’s wider commitment to support the FE sector as it prepares to introduce the new T Level qualifications from 2020, with the aim to prepare students for entry into skilled employment, or higher-level technical study.

The programme’s Strand 2 is also supporting the ongoing exchange between FE providers and industry in order to allow teachers and providers to gain industry knowledge and skills that will enhance student learning. Myerscough College are currently developing five innovative Virtual Reality packages in partnership with key employers in the North West.

Sue Keenan, Director of Quality and Performance at Myerscough College, said: “We are very happy to be part of the nationally important Taking Teaching Further programme, working with the ETF to recruit industry experts to teach at our organisation.

“Recruiting teachers with current industry knowledge and experience to teach in these key areas is important for our students, the local economy, and the nation’s workforce.”

Chief Executive of the Education and Training Foundation, David Russell, said: ‘’There is a vital need to bring the very best industry talent into the sector, so they can pass on their expertise and experience to both learners and fellow teachers and trainers.

‘’This is alongside the urgency to deepen the links between employers and further education. This programme is proving popular because it brings both needs together and we are confident it will make a real long-term difference.’’

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is the sector-owned, government-backed workforce development body for the Further Education and Training sector. Its role is to commission and deliver professional learning and development for teachers, leaders and trainers to support government policy and meet sector needs. Its charitable purpose is to improve education and training for learners aged 14 and over.

Further information on the Taking Teaching Further programme can be found on the ETF’s website HERE

by Dave Salmon