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Myerscough enlists Baroness to support sportsturf student activities

Wednesday 18 Jan 2023

University Centre Myerscough has acquired a new fleet of state-of-the-art sportsturf machinery.

Sportsturd Baroness

The centre was looking to replace its old fleet of machinery with equipment that was up to the task of meeting the establishment’s high demands.

Given the location of Myerscough, in the north west of England, rainfall is an issue that has to be considered when purchasing machinery. The ground is often wet for long periods throughout the year and regularly floods.

Head greenkeeper and course tutor David Leach explained: “There is no greater challenge for a mower than our grass, which is often very wet and includes areas of thick rye grass.”

In addition, the team at Myerscough wanted simple yet efficient machinery as their students learn their trade using them.

Myerscough turned to dealer GGM Groundscare who worked closely with David Leach and the team in identifying their specific needs and demonstrating each machine before proposing the new fleet.

Andy Melville, commercial director at GGM, said: “It is our philosophy to carefully listen to each of our customers’ specific needs and to work with them through their entire customer journey. We were delighted to be asked by Myerscough College to supply their new fleet and we look forward to a long-standing relationship.”

The fleet purchased by Myerscough includes numerous machines for different tasks.

Head of Greenspace and Creative Design Alex McKelvie said: “Making such a large investment is a huge step for us, but we are thrilled with our new fleet. Both GGM and Baroness have been on hand every step of the way, and we look forward to many years working together.”

Baroness director Adam Butler is himself a former Myerscough student and said: “It was important to us that the machines were supplied at favourable terms to support the future of greenkeeping. It also fits in perfectly with our ongoing NVQ scholarship programme that we run through BIGGA.

‘’I studied at Myerscough and worked on various golf courses for many years, so I certainly appreciate and understand the hard work and commitment greenkeepers invest in their profession.”


  • GM2810 Rough Mower
  • LM2400 Fairway Mower
  • LM331 Tees and Surround Mower
  • LM315 Greens Mower
  • Lx401 Tractor
  • RTV X110 Utility Vehicle
  • ZD1211 Zero Turn Mower