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Vet nursing and animal students enjoy sector leading enrichment opportunity

Tuesday 22 Mar 2022

A group of experts from international healthcare giants, Johnson and Johnson, visited Myerscough College and University Centre last week for some special sessions with animal studies and veterinary nursing students.

Zulahka Johnson And Johnson

Rebecca Maris and John Ng – Wound Closure & Infection Prevention Business Development Managers, and Sarah Evans - Ethicon Energy & Endomech Business Development Manager, all based within Johnson & Johnson’s Animal Health team, delivered a range of theoretical and practical sessions across a number of topics, as part of the company’s collaborative educational programme.

Areas covered included Principles of Suturing and Surgical Practice, Suturing and Knot Tying, and Surgical Energy Devices, as well as the opportunity to meet the team and discuss new innovations, providing Myerscough staff and students a fantastic opportunity to enjoy first-hand experience of the very latest methods in the sector.

Zulakha Desai, Assistant Principal Higher Education, said: ‘’We look for opportunities that give our students educational gains and enhanced experiences, that is what we strive for at Myerscough.

‘’We were so happy to welcome Rebecca Maris and & John Ng from Johnson & Johnson Animal Health UK to provide theory and practical sessions, to our FE and HE students in Animal studies and Vet Nursing students in our operating theatre. Some of our students even travelled from our other campuses to be part of the sessions!

‘’It’s been such a success, and we are looking forward to welcoming the J&J team again in the future.’’

Johnson & Johnson Animal Health UK, aim to make connections across science and technology to combine their own expertise in surgery, orthopaedics and interventional solutions with the big ideas of others to design and deliver Veterinarian and patient-centric products and solutions. Their vision is to increase access to surgical innovation and solutions within the veterinary community.

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